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Welcome yourself home after the summer season

Let's take time this Autumn season to come back to ourselves. Every season has its own energy and functions. Coming out of the summer season, where things feel more free and light, filled with travels and less routine, can make the shift into Autumn feel restrictive and limited with our freedom and time.


I want to welcome this season with a workshop that is about coming home to ourselves and finding our roots. Autumn is the season of grounding and getting back to our routines. Our routines become our roots and your routines will help keep you grounded.


In this workshop, we will focus on the changing of the seasons and how to set ourselves up for the Autumn season; in a way that feels like we are coming home to ourselves after a long travel.

We will explore what it feels like to be at home with ourselves. How to unpack and set up for something new in our daily routines and in our yoga practice.




 A special yoga practice that is nurtienting and focused on grounding into ourselves. Using yoga as a way to come back home to ourselves and find our center.


Learning how to shift more effortlessly into the Autumn season with healthy routines. Each season asks something different from us but also gives us something unique in return. Learning how to lean into the season will help find more comfort in the transition.


A relaxing and mindful guided Nidra. Yoga Nidra is 'conscious sleep” that allows the body to go into a deep state of relaxation. All it requires is a willingness to lie down, let go, rest, and be guided. This is similar to meditation but with a deeper focus on relaxing the physical body, so the body and mind come together in a deeply relaxed state. 


Leaving you feeling completely grounded and connected with yourself.

It is time to come back home after a long travel.




October 4th Friday 16-18:30


Defreggerstraße 20, IBK 6020

In the Freiraum


42€ for members

45€ for non-members


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Thank You for Connecting!

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