Every class is unique to it's self. My classes have a strong Hatha influence. I change the style of my classes between Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative. I have a strong passion for the different styles of Yoga and what each one is trying to teach us. Which is why I do not label my classes as being one style of yoga. Every class is a surprise treasure.

Summer Classes 2022:

Monday's at 18-19 in Hofgarten

Tuesday's at 18-19:30 in the Freiraum

Thursday's at 7-8 A.M. zoom


      17€ for a drop in class/ 140€ for a block of 10 classes. Blocks are good for 12 months after your first class!

                            Pregnancy Yoga- 

This will be a special place for mommy's to be, to come and make peace with their bodies and their growing babies. We will work on movements that will help ease pregnancy pains, calm our fears and feel supported..together.

No yoga experience is needed to join these classes. All trimesters are welcomed.

Please email me for further information about the class details.