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                         SELF-CARE WORKSHOP





This workshop is focusing on how we can take better care of our bodies, our emotions and our patterns. Taking our self care routine to a deeper understanding and learning how to create more rituals in our every day life. We will be exploring ways to make better decision about what self care looks like in our daily routines.

We will be looking at:

~ morning rituals

~evening rituals

~essential oils

   ~why we use them for healing and how to use them in our daily rituals

~recognizing our emotional patterns and how to recreate new ones

~guided mediation for self love

~yoga practice for kindness and openness


I want to give others the gift of self-care, that I have learned from different sources and teachers on my own journey towards self-care. I hope that everyone will learn more about themselves and that what we are doing today is impacting our tomorrows.

Date: December 8th 2018

Time: 13-17h

Where: The Freiraum, Defreggerstraße 20, Innsbruck 6020


Please email me to hold a space for this workshop.

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